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Wing eyeliner

Wing eyeliner

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Why use an eyeliner that has a stamp on one end for creating a winged or cat-eye look? 

  1. Time-saving: Creating a winged eyeliner look can be time-consuming and challenging, especially for those who are not experienced with using liquid eyeliner. With an eyeliner stamp, the process becomes much quicker and easier, as you can simply stamp the wing onto your outer eyelid and then connect it to your lash line with the other end of the eyeliner.

  2. Consistency: It can be difficult to create symmetrical wings on both eyes using traditional eyeliner. An eyeliner stamp ensures that both wings are identical in size and shape, leading to a more consistent and polished look.

  3. Precision: An eyeliner stamp can also provide greater precision and accuracy, allowing for a more seamless, sharp, and defined winged or cat-eye look.

  4. Beginner-friendly: For those who are new to creating a winged or cat-eye look, an eyeliner stamp can be a great tool to help them achieve the desired look without the need for extensive practice or experience.

Overall, with our wing liner you will save time, improve precision and consistency, and make it easier to create a symmetrical cat-eye look.

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