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Cuticle Scissors:
These Scissors are the must-have accessory for perfectly groomed nails. Crafted with precision from high-quality stainless steel, they feature sleek, pointed tips for snipping away unruly cuticles with accuracy. The comfortable grip ensures effortless control, making your manicure routine a breeze.

Cuticle Nipper:
Slay your manicure with our fearless Cuticle Nipper. Designed for professional and at home use, this professional-grade tool is built to remove even the toughest cuticles and hangnails. The sharp, angled, long blades ensure a clean-cut finish, while the ergonomic handle fits snugly in your hand, empowering you to create flawless nail looks like a true fashion icon.

Cuticle Pusher:
2-in-1 Cuticle Pusher! Designed to meet the needs of every person, this versatile tool boasts a double-sided design for ultimate precision and efficiency.
One side features a triangular shape, specifically tailored for gentle and effective cuticle and gellack removal. It effortlessly glides along the nail bed, ensuring a clean and neat finish. 
On the flip side, we've crafted an ergonomic, narrow head that targets those hard-to-reach corners and stubborn skin on the nail bed. With its precise scraping abilities, it eliminates any challenging areas, leaving your nails flawlessly smooth.

Nail Clipper:
Our sleek and versatile Nail Clipper is designed to give your nails a fresh look, this grooming tool features sharp, curved blades that make trimming and shaping a breeze. The comfortable grip ensures a confident hold, empowering you to create nails that command attention.

Say goodbye to complicated manicure routines and hello to a game-changing tools.

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