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Our brow soap and brow pencil are two different makeup products that are used in combination to shape and define the eyebrows achieving "brows on fleek" .

Our brow soap is a clear, waxy formula that is used to shape and tame unruly brows. It is applied to the brows using a clean mascara brush and water. The brow soap can be used to set the brows in place and keep them looking neat and tidy throughout the day.

Our brow pencil, on the other hand, can be used to fill in and define the shape of the brows. It comes in a pencil form with a fine tip that allows for precise application. The pencil can be used to shape, contour, fill in sparse areas, and enhance the overall appearance of the brows.

When used together, these two products can help create the "brows on fleek" look, which means perfectly groomed, defined and symmetrical eyebrows. The brow soap helps to hold the brows in place and gives a natural look, while the brow pencil is used to fill in, shape and contour the brows for a more defined and polished look.

It's worth to mention that it's important to choose the right shade of pencil that matches your natural hair color and skin tone, to avoid any unnatural look.

Koolelo Brow Pencil Instructions:
  • Use the brush first and then with the Brow pencil draw your desired brow shape.

 Koolelo Brow Soap Instructions:

  • Bend the Brush Applicator and get it slightly wet, you can spray water on it (do not wet the soap directly)
  • Dip your brow brush into the brow soap to lightly coat the bristles
  • Brush your brows flicking upwards for a feathered look or have fun until you find your desired shape
  • Koolelo brow soap can be used alone or over your Koolelo brow pencil.


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