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We have different types of nail files and buffers, each with a specific purpose.

Here is a guide of how to use each one:

  1. File 100/150: This double side file is for professional use only. The file is designed to easily remove Gel, Acrylic, Soak off Gel, etc. This is not a safe nail to use on the natural nail. 
  2. Buffer 120/150: This is a double side Buffer. The 120 side has a coarse grit and is used to remove any roughness or ridges on the surface of the nail extension. It can also be used to shape and shorten nails. The 150 side has a slightly finer grit and is used to smooth out the nail surface and prepare it for polishing or further shaping. It can also be used to buff out any scratches left by the 120 grit buffer.

  3. File 180 / Buffer 200: This is a combination file/buffer ideal to keep at home. The file side has a medium grit and is used to shape and refine the contour of the natural nail. It is also used for smoothing out rough edges and removing any excess material left from shaping. The Buffer 200 has a very fine grit and is used  to smooth out any imperfections on the nail surface and create a polished finish.

  4. Wooden Nail File 180/240 Grit, a versatile file designed for shaping and refining natural nails with gentle precision, ensuring a smooth finish and polished appearance without causing damage.
  5. Pedicure Foot File with 2 sides, perfect for both professional salon use and at-home pampering, designed to effectively exfoliate and smooth rough skin on your feet, providing a rejuvenating spa-like experience.

Remember to always use gentle pressure when using nail files and buffers, and avoid over-filing or over-buffing, as this can weaken and damage the nails over time.

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