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X-PRESS NAILS - Become A Professional Course

X-PRESS NAILS - Become A Professional Course

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The Koolelo X-PRESS NAILS 'Become A Professional Course' is ideal for those who want to master the craft of doing nails and become an expert in the revolutionary X-PRESS NAILS system. 

In this course, you will learn the following:

Nail Knowledge

  • Natural nail anatomy
  • Nail diseases and disorders
  • Nail files & different grits
  • Natural nail prep

X-PRESS system

  • X-PRESS NAILS prep
  • X-PRESS NAILS application
  • X-PRESS NAILS infill
  • X-PRESS NAILS removal
  • Shaping & filing
  • Color application to perfection
  • Basic nail art
  • Tips & tricks

Included in the course are snacks, drinks, a meal, a theory booklet, a certificate, and a basic kit that includes the following:

  • X-PRESS gel & biab, dehydrator, primer, X-PRESS no wipe top coat, portable mini lamp, 4 X-PRESS tips boxes, Koolelo files & buffers, towel, holographic cosmetic bag, hand peeling, hand cream, nail wipes, professional lamp, Pixy lamp, professional sets of 3 & 10 brushes, nail removal foils, manicure bits, X-PRESS nails bits, professional e-file, 10 10 Shellac HEMA-free colors, towel, holographic PVC tote, holographic cosmetic bag.

After the course, you'll benefit from follow-up and personalized support online and via WhatsApp for six months.

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